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NHRA Rules

Quarter Mile E.T 14.00 & Slower 11.50 to 13.99 11.00 to 11.49 10.00 to 10.99 7.5 To 9.99
Helmet1 yes yes yes yes
Driveshaft Loop yes yes yes yes
Driver Restraint System2 yes yes yes
Protective Clothing3 yes yes yes
Roll Bar4 yes yes
Aftermarket rear axles yes yes
Roll Cage5 yes yes
NHRA Competition License yes
See below

1.Helmet For all 10 second and slower cars, helmet may be open face or full face and must meet Snell M2000, M2005, K98, K2005, SA2000, SA2005 or SFI 31.2A or 41.2A specs. Modifications to helmet/shield are prohibited. All helmets must have the appropriate certification sticker affixed inside the helmet.

For 9.99 or quicker (yes we may have some), a full-face Snell M2000, M2005, K98, K2005, SA2000, SA2005 or SFI 31.2A or 41.2A specs is mandatory.

2.Driver Restraint System A quick-release, 3-inch driver restraint system, with a 2-inch crotch strap, meeting SFI Spec 16.1 is mandatory in all cars in competition required by the rules to have a roll bar or a roll cage.

3.Protective Clothing Shorts and/or tank tops are prohibited while driving vehicle. All drivers are required to wear full length pants, shoes and socks. Nylon or nylon-type clothing and open-toe shoes are prohibited. Jacket meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/1 is mandatory in any vehicle running 11.49 or quicker.

If you are quicker than 9.99 or 135 MPH, then a jacket and pants meeting SFI Spec3.2A/5 and gloves meeting SFI Spec3.3/1 are mandatory.

4.Roll Bar All cars running 11.49 or quicker must be equipped with a roll bar conforming to NHRA general regulations.

5.Roll Cage All cars running 10.99 or quicker must be equipped with a roll cage conforming to NHRA general regulations.

6.Ballast A weight box will be permitted. Only 100 pounds of removable ballast will be allowed, including box (two-box maximum with 50 pounds each). The box must be attached to the frame or crossmember with a minimum of two ˝ inch bolts and may not be attached to a roll bar or roll cage. See NHRA General Regulations 4:2 for additional mounting details.

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